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Kentucky Board of Licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists

Board of Licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists
Kentucky Administrative Regulations

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201 KAR 32:010 Definitions for KRS 335.300 to 335.399.
201 KAR 32:020 Equivalent course of study.
201 KAR 32:025 Marriage and family therapist associate.
201 KAR 32:030 Fees.
201 KAR 32:035 Supervision of marriage and family therapist associates.
201 KAR 32:045 Examination.
201 KAR 32:050 Code of ethics.
201 KAR 32:060 Continuing education requirements.
201 KAR 32:070 Complaint procedure.
201 KAR 32:081 Inactive licensure status.
201 KAR 32:101 Reinstatement of license subject to disciplinary action.
201 KAR 32:110​



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