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Kentucky Board of Licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists

Board of Licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 335.300 Definitions for KRS 335.300 to 335.399.
KRS 335.305 Use of titles "licensed marriage and family therapist" and "marriage and family therapy associate" -- Application and construction of KRS 335.300 to 335.399.
KRS 335.307 Effect of new licensure requirements on existing certified marriage and family therapist.
KRS 335.310 Kentucky Board of Licensure of Marriage and Family Therapists.
KRS 335.315 Immunity from personal liability for board members and agents for official acts.
KRS 335.320 Duties of board -- Authority to promulgate administrative regulations.
KRS 335.325 Powers of board.
KRS 335.330 Initial fee for licensure -- Requirements for certification.
KRS 335.332 Application for marriage and family therapist associate permit -- Qualifying experience for licensure -- Fees.
KRS 335.340 Renewal of licensure -- Suspended or revoked license -- Continuing education.
KRS 335.342 Disposition of fees.
KRS 335.348 Grounds for disciplinary action -- Investigation -- Hearing.
KRS 335.350 Hearings for disciplinary action or for licensure action.
KRS 335.360 Reinstatement of revoked license or permit.
KRS 335.370 Impaired marriage and family therapist program -- Confidentiality of records -- Immunity of board members.
KRS 335.380 Duty of treating marriage and family therapist utilizing telehealth to ensure patient's informed consent and maintain confidentiality -- Board to promulgate administrative regulations -- Definition of "telehealth."
KRS 335.399 Penalties for violation.