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Kentucky Board of Licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists

Board of Licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists
Disciplinary Actions

The following is a summary of disciplinary actions taken against individuals by the board during board meetings. This summary is intended for informational purposes only. The complete terms of each disciplinary action are contained in the board's written records.


 Actions Library

Harold Tokle.pdf
Agreed Order of Settlement and Release4/20/2018153 KB
Derrick Mason.pdf
Settlement Agreement2/14/2017166 KB
Andrew Williams.pdf
Agreed Order9/30/20161178 KB
Erin Goss.pdf
Agreed Order9/30/2015233 KB
Carla Mackey.pdf
Final Order7/1/201459 KB
Carla Mackey Agreement.pdf
Settlement Agreement7/1/2014124 KB
Alison H. Johnson.pdf
Settlement Agreement and Final Order4/15/2014188 KB
Rose Pennington.pdf
Settlement Agreement and Final Order12/6/2012196 KB
Latoya Vaughn.pdf
Settlement Agreement and Final Order10/2/2012239 KB
Henry Combs.pdf
Settlement Agreement to Voluntarily Surrender License as if Revoked10/2/2012158 KB
Jeffrey Twyman.pdf
Settlement Agreement9/1/2011162 KB
Claudia Crawford.pdf
Final Order7/2/201072 KB
Allen Oliver.pdf
Voluntary Surrender of License1/31/2010180 KB
Robert C. Jenkins.pdf
Agreed Order8/14/2008209 KB
DPL Google Map Resized 2.png
154 KB